Mindlessly Surfing

There has always been this debate about “mindlessly surfing”. At the core some people think it’s bad if someone surfs more than X amount of pages at an exchange. That number is different depending on who you talk to. Some say 100 pages is bad, some say 1000, some only if it’s over 10,000.

Well guess what. You can’t do anything about it. Consider this: If a person surfs 100 pages at 100 exchanges in a day, that’s 10,000 pages viewed! You have no control over that. Owners have no control over that. Arguing about having limits on the numbers of pages viewed won’t change anything.

You also can’t stop someone from working a 20 hour shift offline from coming online to surf a few pages online. Is that mindlessly surfing?

So what do we do? Get excited! This is the fun part. It’s now YOUR job to catch someone’s attention. You get to come up with something cool, something funny, whatever! It’s the best part about marketing!

You’ve got the tools available. Take AdKreator for example, I’ve been seeing more and more cool looking splash pages than ever before. Take Youtube for example. How many funny videos are rotating now? It’s great!

We have lots of fun surfing now because of the creativity of those people who get it! It’s time to embrace the fact that surfing is mindless when you’re staring at boring sites, and exciting when everyone is doing their best to grab your attention.

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  1. you said it tim surfers come in all shapes and sizes and have different clicking styles just because they choose to surf a lot at a few of their favorite te’s does not make them robots.

  2. Hey Tim,

    Well I started going for 20 but quickly moved up to 50 and surfing at 3 TEs. From there, I went for 100/200 and stayed focused in 4 TEs, the ones I liked the most.

    With time, I started recognizing what was each of the splashes for I joined a lot of opportunities and after a while, you’re able to spot if you already know what the splash is about in 1 second.

    Having said that and if you have the time for it, it’s pretty easy to just surf and stop at the splash page you’re actively looking for or better yet, at the new splashes (maybe that explains the creativity that’s been going on lately with AdKreator users).

    I don’t think it’s about the number but the quality that each of us put on the splash page that draws our attention.

    If surfers are clicking just for the hit and not minding what it’s being shown, then I do think that surfer would be better yet paying for their credits and doing something else instead.

    At least that’s how I see it ;)

  3. Rock Soiid Tim LOL Now I need to do a blog post on this too.

    Not a follower Just Mindlessly going to spread the word about traffic exchanges Are one If not The best way to test ads and get noticed.

    the debate is weak at best like anything if you truly believe in something right or wrong its what your conviction.

    But an open mind is a better marketer than a closed minded one.

  4. Agreed! Agreed! And btw I agree with your post!

    Wanna get mindless surfing stopped? Get involved in the chats, talk to other surfers…And most important of all, make your advertising POP!

    1. That’s what I was thinking Jon.
      And remember, there are plenty of banners to look at and click, plus I have gotten some of my best ideas for text links by reading others.
      Good job Tim!

  5. Hi Tim Sir

    I strongly believe that EVERY TE owner should put a limit of 200-300 pages surfed each day by ever member or they can do limitation based on membership levels.

    Surfing Mindlessly; nit sure how productive it is but quality is the key… Say 200 pages on each TE (if limit is set) and members using 20 of them, still gets them 200×20 = 4000 views every single day making it 30 days a month 4000×30 = 120,000

    As you said effective kreative pages can bring in better results so 200-300 if TE owners can think about that it; it can change the industry for betterment in long run and maintaining quality too.. I hope you and Jon sir and other TE owners would consider the idea from my small mind…

    P.S. Free members ratio can be changed in that case ma be instead of 3:1 members can enjoy 3:5 as surfing would be limited and upgraded members can for sure enjoy better ratio + some cash bonus gifts while surfing

    Happy surfer

  6. Personally, there should be no limits, after all, everyone surfs Traffic Exchanges for different reasons. Like you say Tim, nothing anyone can do about it, so what’s the mystery?

    I surf TE’s for fun, and ” keep up with the Joneses ” ( no pun intended if your surname is Joneses..lol). Some days I surf 50 to 100 sites, other days I like to have a marathon run, up to 500 or so, it just depends how I feel in any one day.

    The only thing that does annoy me, more than anything, is video content. If I got up to 30 seconds to see your site, I don’t want to see some hyped up noob rabble on about how good it is for them. That kind of defeats the purpose of the USP, I want clear, readable info. If i wanted video, I’ll use you-tube, much more reliable.

    1. Well I think if the video can pause, it’s OK. Kinda annoying though if it isn’t pauseable, because if the phone rings while you are on it you can’t stop it.

  7. interesting post! I find it that people should be able to surf as many sites as they want because they are being paid (in advertising) to work…If people want to spend all day clicking on ads to earn credits, let them. Don’t limit someone on what they can do just because your ads aren’t attracting them… You want them to see your ad more! Make your ad stand out and see it repetitively and you will do well!

    I don’t think people “mindlessly” surf. I think some people surf for credits to advertise with and some people surf to find information, network, and create opportunities!

    1. Hey Mr. Steven Goodwin,
      i just wanted to leave a comment, but when i saw yours,
      it’s like came out from myself…

      I agree with you – 100%.

      I got a lot of TE upgrades and if i pay for a service,
      i wouldn’t want to have any limitations about how long
      i am allowed to surf (i might need 1000 credits )…

      Ivan G.

  8. Interesting post Tim.

    I think that there are valid arguments on both sides. When you’re promoting your site, you want people to pay attention. But at the end of the day there is nothing anybody can do to guarantee that, so you just have to work with it. If your page is the same as all the others its not likely to get noticed.

  9. I have never seen the problem with the numbers of pages people surf. What does it matter if someone surfs ten, 100 or 1,000 pages at a time?
    Advertisers need surfers so why make life difficult for the surfers?
    If TE owners discourage people from surfing then I think this will only, ultimately, harm their business.
    As a surfer I want to feel welcome on any TE I choose to surf and as an advertiser I don’t really care whether the surfer looking at my pages has been there for one one minute or one hour or even ten.

  10. Most newbies are trying to surf as much as possible to get some hits to their chosen site. Why would you try to limit these newbies,so many fail as it is. we should try and help the newbies,then maybe folks would not be so down on this business we call internet marketing.

  11. After I have chosen the businesses I want I surf to get credits so that the web pages can be seen. I will not choose a new business each time I
    surf because if I did I would be a member of thousands of businesses.
    So, for that reason, I surf for credits and not mindlessly.

  12. Many valid points here… I for one say no limits. How anyone can take the time to surf 10,000 pages a day is beyond me. I still need time to maintain several sites I own, that is time consuming too.

    As far s video and audio goes on a splash page? I use them and I am very successful with them. I do have a pause button on all videos though. I have had many people purchase and or join because the video caught the attention. Some of my new distributors call me and want to know how to get videos like I use. They can work, and what brings in the money is what it is all about.

    Video testimonials are very big right now and gaing more importance as the net gets faster and faster.

    I do see the point of video/audio not being liked. Especially if someone is listening to music or something. But I want the prospect to set up, take notice and stop surfing long enough to fill out my AR form.

  13. To get visitors in TEs you need credits.
    To get many visitors you need many credits.
    You get credits by investing time and/or money.
    You ain’t got big money to buy many credits for many visitors?
    You can invest a lot time instead – that’s a benefit of this
    advertising system called traffic exchange – everyone can
    generate decent amount of traffic.
    And as an advertiser you want a visitor see your site many times.
    Chances are the heavy surfer sees your site most – so it’s good
    to have them in the TEs.
    Wether surfing is mindless depends on the mindset of the surfer –
    be it 50 pages or 5000 – and on the content of the sites shown.

  14. I think what makes surfing even worse when you allow so many sites that have four dialog boxes you have to say no to and if you answer wrong you even have to close more dumb disturbing dialog boxes. Hard to surf sometimes but even worse with that kind of annoyance . I think the smoother the ride the more people will surf.

  15. Great post. But I feel the opposite way. When I see all of these crazy flashing pages with loud blaring music, I immediately tune out. Most of the time I will actually just mute the volume and wait the several seconds for it to pass by. It’s actually the simple “boring” ads that get my attention now because it’s rare to see those.

  16. Tim and others,

    Lot of opins here and most make sense. I surf for advertising as there are no funds and I mean No Funds.

    One thing I have noticed since I started the surfing thing, is the number of corp. pages used that do not fit the window. I am not about to wiggle the slide bars around to read your page.

    A 600×600 or 800×800 works great just about every surf site can accommodate.

    There are so many free tools there is no excuse not to make an eye popping splash page. If the offer is worth it. and therein lay’s the problem.

    People over extending themselves (or lazy) and don’t make space to build ads. Which is what we’re trying to do here Advertise not promote. There is a difference.

    I forgot what the rest of the points were and it too far to the top of the page. So I’ll sign off here.


  17. I say let people surf as much as they want. If I don’t want the same person to see my site 1000 times a day, I can assign less credits or find a better exchange with more active surfers to advertise at.

    Tom “tecii” Canzoneri

  18. Mindlessly surfing? That means that surfers are robots? Seriously though, it has already been said that surfers come in all shapes and sizes and those that surf a few pages and those that choose to surf thousands of pages. With chat on the majority of TE’s now there is no more mindless about surfing unless one chooses not to get to know their fellow surfers and that is just plain silly. Let’s get social, I hate surfing without chat now,lol. Getting to know people in chat helps to build relationships :)


  19. I surf a lot for a lot because I enjoy it. It is not a boring chore to me, I see it as my job as ateam leader in SX. I arrange contests for my team members and reward their efforts with a few credits each week.
    I personally am not overkeen on chat, at the same time I don’t condemn those who are.


  20. Hi Tim,

    as practiced so many times and still doing so. Create your own splash pages and make it an eye catcher. Check results and change the page when it is not working as desired. Use Sweeva to get opinions from others and yes put some fun into it might help a lot.
    I’m an mindless surfer, but good unique pages always catch my attention.
    So yes, I totally agree with your opinion in the post. Although if everybody is going to use eye catching pages I have to work harder to still get my share of attention :-)

  21. Interesting mixed bag of comments , never a solution to suit all
    A mix of paid/free/chat/no chat sites suits me fine
    I put my off line life 1st & fit all else around.
    Really effective advertising (splash, banners, text) needs use of exchanges with different owners, different audience and ~~ Tracking!
    If your sad with results nothing to stop you leaving one to join another?
    Have a great day all

  22. Great post, good comments. I like to surf but just know my offline ‘job’, homemaker is the most important. I surf for credits and prizes at the team contests. I like chat at times, but not always involved there. Depends on my mood. I must say, surfing is addictive. I have made money online with it too, so all is good.

  23. Sorry Tim for cluttering your blog, but I couldn’t resist.
    From the TE owner perspective:
    My TE is small, but I’m happy about and proud of every
    active member and every page-view (real visitor!) generated
    by my sevice in the huge internet world. So the big owners
    should be bursting with happiness and pride with the amount of
    members using their service for many hours daily – lol.
    But seriously, has one ever heard of Google complaining about
    people doing too many searches, Twitter about people tweeting
    and reading tweets too extensively or Facebook about folks hanging
    out there for hours and hours – and its not all intellectual
    masterpieces dealt with in this areas.
    And outside the internet has one ever heard of TV- and radio
    stations complaining about people consuming too many commercials?
    From that angle the debate about “mindlessly surfing” seems
    almost mindless ;)
    So I prefer to go back to work on getting a better owner,
    leaving the reasoning about internet- and media-junkies to
    the sociologists and psychologists.
    Happy surfing everyone!

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