Tim Linden

I'm the CTO of TimTech, I love coding with PHP and MySQL.
I'm addicted to tracking clicks and email marketing.

Traffic Exchanges

What do you want now?

We’ve been having great fun with CTP Teams. The new daily challenges and the special xp boosts we’ve been doing have been well accepted. In fact it’s addicting many. There are now team blogs, skype groups, and more being formed. I don’t think this was happening before CTP Teams so I’m really happy to see it happening. One of the…

Now this is getting fun!

Today we finally revealed we’ve been adding teams to ClickTrackProfit! It’s already gained a lot of attention in chat and a few teams are trying to prove they are the team to beat ;-) The way it works is you earn experience points while doing things at CTP. Whether it’s completing training, winning points, collecting badges, or even surfing, you…

A 60 Second Timer??? You crazy?

After trying out a 10 second timer on Sweeva, we’ve released the special sauce..  The reason for the test..   It’s the ability to pick how long your site is shown on Sweeva, and it’s here! (well for Kore4 members right now) The timer selections are 15, 30, and 60 seconds. We might make more options available but those seemed to…