What do you want now?

We’ve been having great fun with CTP Teams. The new daily challenges and the special xp boosts we’ve been doing have been well accepted. In fact it’s addicting many.

There are now team blogs, skype groups, and more being formed. I don’t think this was happening before CTP Teams so I’m really happy to see it happening.

One of the things I learned early on was the concept of “fake it till you make it”. To be a leader you just need to start leading, even if you aren’t “the best”. For a long time people would shy away, but these teams are bringing out new leaders which is awesome!

We’ll continue to build the teams around everything we’ve already been teaching people to do. So some might see it as just a game, but what’s really happening is you’re adapting and learning how to build your business in a really fun way.

So what do you want now? We’ve got tons of ideas, but I like getting feedback. A few of the changes we’ve made were a result of feedback. So your turn:


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Now this is getting fun!

Today we finally revealed we’ve been adding teams to ClickTrackProfit! It’s already gained a lot of attention in chat and a few teams are trying to prove they are the team to beat ;-)

The way it works is you earn experience points while doing things at CTP. Whether it’s completing training, winning points, collecting badges, or even surfing, you get points all the time. We figured this was the best way to compete because it’s not just one area you can earn but all over.

We also decided to add in the concept of two leagues. The Premier League is the league you want your team in. As long as you are in that league, you get an extra 10% surfing bonus. At the end of each week the bottom Premier League teams drop down to the Competitive League, and the top Competitive League teams move up to the Premier League.

Of course there will be weekly, monthly, and even yearly prizes. We haven’t cemented down what those prizes will be yet, so we won’t be giving out those details yet, but we have some really awesome ideas!

The goal here is to continue to evolve the fun as you use CTP to build your online business. Now you can compete as a team, train as a team, and surf as a team!

PS. The first 10 teams created get into the Premier League this first week. So create a team and start getting your 10% nerd surf bonus this week!

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A 60 Second Timer??? You crazy?

After trying out a 10 second timer on Sweeva, we’ve released the special sauce..  The reason for the test..   It’s the ability to pick how long your site is shown on Sweeva, and it’s here! (well for Kore4 members right now)

The timer selections are 15, 30, and 60 seconds. We might make more options available but those seemed to be a good variety. Some wanted less time but some also wanted more time.

How it affects bidding

The first question everyone had was how bids would handle the new times. Essentially bidding is the same but a 60 second view will take twice the credits, and a 15 second view will take half the credits.

When the system picks the next site to show, it takes all the bids and divides them by the number of seconds. So we could have ten 60 second ads and then two 15 second ads, or it could be all totally random. It really depends on how people bid.

How it affects surfing

Surfing is still the same, just sometimes the timer lasts longer than others. Everyone still sees the same site together just as before. This is why we wanted to test the 10 second timer, the way sites are picked had to be completely recoded and the short timer helped test it effectively.

How to change your site’s time

To change the time for your site you’ll need to be Kore4. It’s part of the new Sweeva that is coming. One of the benefits to Kore4 is being able to beta test Sweeva with us. If you are Kore4, you’ll see every site defaults to 30 – just click edit bid to change it to 15 or 60!

As always, let me know your thoughts!

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