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This is an interesting site. It’s a collection of resources on various topics around marketing, sales, etc. You know the stuff small businesses get into.

It looks like the site is mainly trying to get you to buy the various ebooks. There are good topics, I saw one covering how to claim your business on Facebook. Stuff small businesses need to know.

My only problem with the site is the layout feels complicated when in reality it’s a straightforward concept. I would definitely simplify the whole thing because I almost stopped viewing the site entirely.

This is a problem many sites have when there is a lot of information available. You want to make everything easily accessible but at the same time keep it simple. Because many of the topics in there are helpful to business owners if they are able to get to it.

Go check out and let me know your feedback:

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I did check the site out of curiosity. Like you though, my impression is that the Whole Site is geared toward buying their ebooks and eguides for small businesses, just not something that interests me, as most of their advertised information , you can get Free online elsewhere.
    Thanks for the Review!

  2. Yes, I agree with Tim on his evaluation. It also appears the website needs to do some updating s they are still wishing people – Happy Holidays!

  3. Any site that still uses “holiday” greetings by the end of Jan makes me feel they do not maintain their site and sends red signals up my spine. I personally would not bother to go any further. Sorry.

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