Interview with Jon Olson

1) How and when did your online business get started?

I got my started in the late 90’s. I stubbled on these programs like All Advantage and Spedia which got me introduced to the first traffic exchanges, Click Thru and Hit Harvester. I was hooked from day one. I was amazed at how my efforts directly translated into unlimited traffic to my sites.

2) Which exchange(s) do you own or co-own?

I own I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic and co-own Click Crazey with Robert Puddy.

3) Do you currently work exclusively online?

Yes, I have been working online full time since 2004. I could not imagine doing anything else now. There is something very special about spending your day with coffee stains on your shirt and sitting in boxer shorts =)

4) How many hours per day do you spend on your exchange(s)?

I try to surf them for at least an hour a day. I always like to see what people are promoting in my programs. It gives me a good idea of what the industry is promoting and what is popular.

5) Do you do support yourself, or do you outsource support?

Cat Heiter is my customer service agent for all my traffic exchanges as well as Affiliate Funnel. I’ve known Cat for years and I wouldn’t be where I was without her amazing work!

6) How fluent are you with HTML, javascript, and PHP?

I can dabble in HTML but the other stuff…What is javascript and PHP?

7) Approximately how many members join your exchange a month?

Depends on the exchange. I Love Hits gets about 1200-1500 new members a month. SWAT will generate about 500-750 a month. And Click Crazey is improving alot but still only about 250-500 a month.

8) Does most of your advertising come from members referring, or you?

It’s a joint effort. But I still like to advertise as much as I can myself. This is my businesses and how can any of my members believe in this program if they do not see the owner taking the bull by the horns and advertising his / her own program. Besides, I love spending advertising dollars with other programs in this industry, it’s a great feeling to see the traffic exchange grow and grow!

9) Are you subscribed to any blogs? Which is your favorite?

None really. I just work on mine. I’m still learning how to blog myself

10) What would be the biggest tip you could give to readers?

Do things that your competition isn’t. Get out from behind the computer, meet other owners, attend live seminars, grow your network and really treat this like a business. A little bit of hard work for a year can have huge pay offs down the road. Oh yeah, and always be learning, I like to read a book every week or two, just to learn something new I can implement into my business.

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